PaperCraft for Kids

Posted by Adi Hamidi on Sunday, March 17, 2013

Musha Gundam Professional PaperCraft

What Is PaperCraft?

PaperCraft is the art of making a model / figure is usually made from sheets of heavy paper or cardboard.

Spongebob Character - PaperCraft

PaperCraft for Kids
Spogebob Simple PaperCraft

Patrick Funny PaperCraft

The Simpson Character - PaperCraft

PaperCraft for Kids
Lisa The Simpson - PaperCraft

PaperCraft for Kids
Homer The Simpson -  PaperCraft
A few of my posts about Papercraft. The next day I will share more about my papercraft collection.

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Muh Hendrik said...

How can I get such papercraft ? Hope it's free for me.Lol

Adi Hamidi said...

@Muh Hendrik : maybe you can get your PaperCraft in your mind, XD. Just For Fun :D

jogara jumawan said...

Wow....So great ...thanks for the post now I can make a toy with use the paper birthday parties nyc

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